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Commercial Assessment

Cost Verification

Maximising revenue and not overpaying suppliers are fundamental to the financial viability of an organisation/project. In the ideal world, robust processes will be in place to monitor costs; however Bellfolio realise that cost monitoring often starts with great intention but as a process sometimes this doesn’t materialise or is not considered at all. Over time the cumulative affect can be considerable to the commercial viability of a project or indeed a company.

The teams used by Bellfolio have a wealth of experience when dealing with the complexities of outsource supplier arrangements. Bellfolio provide a holistic cost verification service to identify transactions where you may have lost money either by being overcharged or overpaying suppliers. The specialists used by Bellfolio are well versed in the complexities of contractual obligations regarding rebates and discounts. We can assist by proving guidance and expertise regarding negotiated settlements.  

Best Value & Efficiency Review

Comfort that a company is operating efficiently and getting the best value it can underpins a number of key decisions for a company. Whether they are concerns regarding the profitability of a project or function, Bellfolio can review the processes and associated costs to help determine the type and size of any potential savings.